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Friday, September 16, 2016

Step by step: Moving forward toward safe and sustainable agriculture

Consumers worldwide want to be sure that the food they eat is healthy and safe. That’s why more and more retailers are requiring their suppliers to provide certifications. But this is a dilemma for many producers, especially those in emerging countries. They are not able to achieve the required standards, but they cannot access the market without certification. This is exactly where the new BayG.A.P. service program comes into play. »  more

Gregorio Aznar represents the second generation in his family business Antas Export in Almería, Spain. He followed his father and uncle who had started the business more than ten years ago. In 2013, he started working with Food Chain Partnership. “We’ve got several farms. In total we’ve got around 215 ha and 35 people working for us – and we produce around 15 million kg of citrus,” says Gregorio. Why did he decide to join Food Chain Partnership? “Retailers demand higher quality every day, consumers demand more flavor,” he says. “And all of them demand less chemicals in our products.” Watch the full video and find out how certifications and the Bayer Food Chain Partnership support have helped Antas Export: » more

Jolanda Wijsmuller is Food Chain Manager at Bayer Netherlands.

What can farmers do to avoid emissions, erosion and run-off? At last month’s Tour de Farm we talked to Dirk Baets, Sustainable Development Manager at Bayer Belgium, and Jolanda Wijsmuller, Food Chain Manager at Bayer Netherlands. It turns out, there’s a variety of sustainable agricultural measures available – and Bayer assists farmers to get these projects off the ground. » more


Fruit Logistica 2016

Take a moment to get interesting facts on the Fruit Logistica, enjoy the impressions from the event and take an entertaining glimpse behind the scenes!  »  more


10 Years Special Video

The Food Chain Partnership Anniversary Video  »  more

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The Venezuelan Lettuce and White Cabbage Project

Measured gains in sustainable vegetable production  »  more
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