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Friday, July 21, 2017

Meeting the demand for sustainably produced soybeans

Brazil is the second largest soybean producer in the world. The demand for sustainably produced soybeans is rising all over the world. To meet the requirements of international markets, Brazilian farmers need to get certified. Bayer and Cefetra support them in obtaining certification and in producing soy responsibly. »  more

Where does my food come from and how was it grown? This is a question more and more people are asking themselves. Jenny Maloney, Food Chain Sustainability Manager at Bayer in the United States, has been exposed to farming and growing food all her life. However, while she knows how to grow her own fruits and vegetables, she still needed to know how to pick safe food that did not come from her own garden. That is why she decided to take a closer look at the food that ends up on her plate. » more

Brazil is the largest producer of sugar in the world.

Brazil is the world’s leading producer of sugar – accounting for half the total global consumption. Brazilian sugarcane growers, however, are under strict scrutiny by their government and must comply with high international standards. That is why the importance of certification must not be underestimated. » more


Tour de Farm

Want to relive the highlights from last year’s Tour de Farm? Watch our video:  »  more


Fruit Logistica 2016

Take a moment to get interesting facts on the Fruit Logistica, enjoy the impressions from the event and take an entertaining glimpse behind the scenes!  »  more

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The Ivory Coast Cocoa Project

Promoting innovative and integrated crop solutions – Improving yields and quality  »  more
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