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Monday, May 2, 2016

"Sustainability is an opportunity"

Tom Stenzel, President of the United Fresh Produce Association talks about how European and US-American consumers differ from each other and why farmers need to be better in storytelling. »  more

Fungal diseases and nematodes are giving banana growers around the globe a hard time. The organic grower Savid Dominicana has joined Bayer Food Chain Partnership to combat these diseases by using Bayer’s portfolio of biological crop protection products. Further, they have received more than 100 trainings. In return, Bayer was given new insights into organic farming – a win-win situation. » more

How can consumers be sure that crop protection products are not harmful to humans, animals or the environment? Silke Friebe, Head of Food Chain Management, explains how the registration process of crop protection products works and why they don’t pose a risk if used according to the label instructions. » more


The Food Chain Partnership Anniversary Video

Ten years of successful projects to bring safe, sustainable produce from the field to harvest. Find out what growers, exporters, importers, processors, and retailers have to say about the Food Chain Partnership’s successes by watching this film.  »  more

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The Dominican Republic Project

Sustainable production of high-quality organic bananas  »  more
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