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Friday, October 19, 2018

Innovative policies for rural women

A massive movement is currently sweeping through a large part of the world, shedding light on a monumental problem: discrimination against women. This movement is now manifesting itself in rural areas. »  more

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Developing crop experts in Latin America

Latin America plays a fundamental role in the production of grains, fruits, and vegetables that are part of people's daily diet around the world. The individual regions in Latin America, however, are very diverse. Bayer has introduced a program to train crop experts to strengthen regional agriculture. » more

A lack of knowledge is one of the biggest problems for farmers in developing countries. That is why Bayer, through Food Chain Partnership, supports farmers in building capacity and implementing good agricultural practices to obtain the necessary certification – for example by organizing BayG.A.P. facilitator training in Vietnam. » more


Tour de Farm

Want to relive the highlights of Tour de Farm 2017? Watch our video:  »  more


Soy Certification in Brazil

Find out how Bayer and Cefetra support farmers in Brazil in reaching certification standards that make their businesses more profitable.  »  more

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The Brazilian Fruit & Vegetable Initiative

Making traceability work  »  more
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