Thursday, August 8, 2019

Exporting best-quality berries from Latin America

Berry production in Latin America is experiencing a boom. To offer consumers affordable and healthy nutrition, the highest quality, and sustainable cultivation, Bayer and berry producer Hortifrut have signed an alliance for the phytosanitary management of berries.

Blueberries from Chile are rocking the worldwide markets right now. With more than 110,000 metric tons of fresh blueberries in the last season, the South American country is the main exporter of this tasty fruit. Due to its fertile soils and exceptional climate, Chile is currently one of the world’s most important berry producers. But competition is on the rise: In order to strengthen and hold their leading position on the market, producers have to minimize the impact of plant diseases, improve fruit quality, and invest in new technologies to innovate the management of crop protection products.

Hortifrut, a Chilean world leader in blueberry production with over 35 years of experience in the market, signed an alliance with Bayer at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin.

Improving fruit quality together

The aim of this partnership is to innovate the handling of phytosanitary products, optimize berry production, and increase the quality of the fruits. “The choice of adequate crop protection products and safe handling in the field and during harvesting must be carried out with maximum safety,” says Gabriel Assandri, Country Head for Chile at Bayer’s Crop Science division. “As part of the alliance, we will work together with Hortifrut to improve the production process and make it more sustainable. This will ultimately be reflected in consumer food quality and food safety.”

As part of this collaboration, Bayer is providing Hortifrut with knowledge about phytosanitary products and is training the team that is responsible for the application of the products in the field. The goal is to maintain the highest standards of food safety and the best fruit quality. This will enable Hortifrut to carry out multi-residue analyses and select the most suitable phytosanitary products for field and post-harvest management so they can meet the growing global demand for berries while maintaining sustainable agriculture.

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