Thinking about the global food chain means considering all the hands involved, and it means thinking about all the people behind it and the demands they have to face every day.

Food Chain Partnership – A 10-year Success Story

Our story begins in 2005, when the public concern about food safety – and especially residues of chemical crop protection products – peaked, causing the whole food retail industry to get strongly involved in the production system of their suppliers. At this time a small team at Bayer CropScience believed that the answer to the challenge was not to enforce secondary standards, but to work together along the food chain to enable farmers to produce fruits and vegetables in a safe and sustainable way.

Therefore, the dedicated team founded a platform called the “Food Chain Partnership,” as a holistic vehicle to implement integrated crop solutions jointly with all Food Chain Partners. Growers, exporters, importers, processors, and retailers started working together closely in their daily business operations, to create a win-win situation for all.

Ten years on, the Food Chain Partnership has grown to become a solid global success, as these numbers prove:

  • 70 Food Chain Managers
  • Partnerships in 40 different countries
  • 30 different crops covered

Today, Food Chain Partnership projects can be found in every region and covering various crops around the world: From Guatemalan vegetables with Siesa, Chiliean lettuce with Walmart, Indian table grapes with Univeg, and Italian wine grapes with MAGIS, to Kenyan Snap Peas with local producers. Not only the variety of countries is impressive, the concept has also been proven to work in different crops. Perfectly established in fruits and vegetables, is it also starting to gain momentum in crops as sugarcane, wheat, and rice.

In the development of sustainable solutions to ensure long-term food security for a growing global population, Bayer can offer seeds, chemical and biological crop protection products, and a broad portfolio of services, ranging from agronomic support, field demonstrations, diagnostics, and prediction tools to certification support.

In the course of the past ten years, the small team has grown to a network of dedicated Key Relation Managers and regional and local Food Chain Managers that put the concept into practice by signing Global Key Relation agreements with major players from the food value chain. And with every key relation and project, the demand for showcasing our work and collaboration has made us become a regular exhibitor at the world’s most important fresh produce trade shows, such as Fruit Logistica in Berlin and Hong Kong.
The Food Chain Partnership success story is just beginning. Be part of it yourself!


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