Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

Food Chain Partnership Add-On

Food Chain Partnership Add-On is a complementary module to » GLOBALG.A.P. certification. The scheme is based on sustainable agricultural practices, ranging from integrated pest management to residue management, which help growers increase quality and yield, as well as improve their environmental footprint.

Food Chain Partnership Add-On is meant for Food Chain partners who want to go the extra mile. It allows growers to further strengthen their position and brand value. In addition, they can differentiate themselves from competitors and might be preferred by retailers. Last but not least, it shows their commitment to sustainable agriculture through the use of innovative tools.

Topics covered by the Food Chain Partnership Add-On

Treatment Program

Pest and disease monitoring and control will be optimized.

Application Technology

Farmers can prove that their machines and equipment are registered and correctly calibrated.

Traceability and Segregation

Farmers can prove that a system is in place to ensure all certified products are correctly identified and traceable – and to avoid mixing them with non-certified products.


Farmers are reviewed on a regular basis with official Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols.


A lot of water is wasted due to inefficient irrigation methods. Farmers learn how to optimize irrigation water while taking production conditions into consideration.

Biodiversity Plan

Growers can prove the implementation of measures to protect flora and fauna, for example, flower strips and grass buffer strips.

Effluent Management

Pesticide residues can contaminate surface water when machines are being cleaned. With innovative tools such as » Phytobac, farmers ensure that contaminants cannot get into nearby bodies of water.

Sampling and Maximum Residue Levels

The fresh produce is sampled on a regular basis to prove that the fruits or vegetables are within legal limits.

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