Certifications are key for farmers today but many farmers lack knowledge and skills to successfully market their produce. BayG.A.P. is a service program, which supports farmers worldwide to get certified and connected to the food value chain. It is an important contribution promoting good agricultural practices around the world, benefiting farmers, food chain partners and consumers. 

BayG.A.P. follows a three step approach offering training, farm advice and verification support to farmers. Initially, an assessment program such as the GLOBALG.A.P. solution ‘localg.a.p.’ is selected and a corresponding training package based on core modules is developed. It comprises topics like Integrated Pest Management, Safe Use, Crop Protection Products, Application Technology and Food Safety.


Training: Intensive three-day group training for farmers providing them with knowledge and skills on implementing sustainable farming standards and basic principles of good agricultural practices. The farmer attends lectures and discussions, observes demonstrations, conducts exercises and is evaluated through an exam at the end of each module.

Farm Advice: A BayG.A.P. Farm Advisor (a specially-trained Bayer employee) provides agronomic advice on integrated crop management to the farmer. This customized on-farm consultancy helps with the implementation and documentation of sustainable practices to meet the desired standards’ requirements. At the end of the season, the farmer will have a safe, sustainable and traceable produce complying with market demands.

Verification support: The process is being reviewed to verify the farmer’s efforts and the compliance with the standard’s criteria. The farmer receives either a Letter of Conformance for the localg.a.p. verification or a pre-audit for a 3rd party certification, which will facilitate the access to both regional and global markets.

BayG.A.P. goes online!

Bayer and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) are jointly launching BayG.A.P. as an online training program. The virtual course is aimed at supporting farmers worldwide in getting certified and connected to the food value chain.

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BayG.A.P. service program


BayG.A.P. service program


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