The Moroccan Cherry Tomato Project

Reducing applications and actives to satisfy customer requirements

How it all started

The project was initiated by Thanet Earth, one of the UK’s largest importers of cherry tomatoes from Morocco and a Bayer global food chain partner. Thanet Earth and their Moroccan supplier, Duroc, invited Bayer Morocco to collaborate in a Food Chain Partnership project to tackle the marketability challenges. As soon as Thanet Earth had outlined their specific requirements, the Bayer Morocco team organized meetings with Duroc representatives to work on the various issues. A shared analysis led to a common understanding of those issues and development of an action plan.

What we aimed to achieve

The prime objective of this Food Chain Partnership project is to produce healthy, high-quality cherry tomatoes in a sustainable manner for export to Northern Europe. This involves optimizing the use of agrochemicals to reduce the number of active ingredients and spray applications without compromising on food quality or building up resistances. Another key goal is to lower residue levels to comply with MRL legislation and customers’ secondary requirements. Last but far from least, the cherry tomatoes have to look and taste good and be of the right consistency so they sell well.

Who is involved

Duroc: One of Morocco’s largest producers and exporters of cherry tomatoes grown on more than 300 ha of land in Southern Morocco. In the UK, Duroc has a market share of over 40 %. As a customer-oriented company, Duroc is well aware of the export challenges and is ready to tackle them through production of high-quality cherry tomatoes, with safety, sustainability and traceability ensured for all food chain players.

Thanet Earth: Distributes fresh produce from all over the world and is Duroc’s main customer in the UK. Here, too, top quality is an absolute priority for a company that is very sensitive to customer requirements.

Bayer: One of Morocco’s leading crop science companies, Bayer provides its partners with the best possible solutions to tackle their different challenges, e.g. through advice on spraying programs, training in safe handling, regular in-field monitoring, advice on wastewater management, residue analysis and project evaluation from planting to harvest.

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The Moroccan Cherry Tomato Project

Reducing applications and actives to satisfy customer requirements

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