The Brazilian Certified Responsible Soya Project

Connecting responsible soya initiatives in Europe and South-America

How it all started

The partnership between Bayer and Cefetra, a Dutch trade & supply company, originates from a shared vision to promote sustainable agriculture and more specific, a responsible soybean production. A pilot project was started in 2015 in the Cerrados region with the aim to raise production standards. Bayer’s role was to facilitate farmers’ access to Cefetra’s Certified Responsible Soya (CRS) program (More information about the CRS program can be found on the website:

What we aimed to achieve

By bringing together producers, traders, processors and retailers, this Food Chain Partnership aims to improve the yield and quality of the harvest, and to drive productivity and efficiency based on the principles of sustainable agriculture. By creating synergies with the strength of all partners involved in this initiative, the farmer is assisted in the process towards sustainable production and supported in achieving CRS and RTRS certification.


Who is involved

Cefetra: This Dutch trading organization is one of the largest importers of soy into Europe. Each year, Cefetra markets in total an average of 30 million mt of agricultural commodities, of which over 90 % is supplied to the animal feed industry. Cefetra is motivated by the belief that conducting business in a responsible way will safeguard the opportunities for future generations and enhance long-term performance throughout the value chain. By supporting certification standards (also by providing means for the certification process), such as CRS and RTRS (Roundtable on Responsible Soy), Cefetra is encouraging responsible labor conditions, good environmental practices, legal compliance, good agricultural practices, land rights and social responsibility in the soya chain.

Cefetra provides also a potential long-term outlet for CRS and RTRS credits to the feed industry in Europe, and thus a premium for the farmer.

Farmers: Up to now, about 4 farms achieved the certification in the initiative in the season 2015-2016 and another 31 farms are involved in the season 2016-2017.

Bayer: Bayer believes that the best way to ensure food safety and quality is through sustainable agriculture, which translates into increased profitability for the producer, better living conditions for the rural population, preservation of the environment, and more efficient use of natural resources. In this context, Bayer promotes initiatives that help to produce more with less.

Bayer and Cefetra share the vision of promoting sustainability in the field and connecting the different players in the food chain in order to support farmers who are willing to produce in a sustainable way.

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The Brazilian Certified Responsible Soya Project

Connecting responsible soya initiatives in Europe and South-America

O projeto brasileiro de certificação da soja responsável

Conectando iniciativas de soja responsável na Europa e na América do Sul

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