The Dominican Republic Project

Sustainable production of high-quality organic bananas

How it all started

The demand for high-quality, organically-grown produce is increasing. To meet this demand, growers need to have access to the latest technology for organic agriculture and require support in fulfilling such requirements. As a result of their shared sustainability goals, Savid and Bayer joined forces in February 2015 and signed a 12-month Food Chain Partnership agreement.

What we aimed to achieve

In order to achieve the main goal of growing organic bananas in a sustainable way, Savid and their growers are being trained and supported in good agricultural practices, the correct use of personal protection equipment, integrated pest management (IPM), and the correct handling of empty biological containers particularly used to control black sigatoka. These measures are also required to fulfill the importers’ demands for high-quality organic bananas, sufficient quantities throughout the year, and safe handling of the produce.

left: Fernando Mancebo, Regulatory and Stewardship Manager Bayer CropScience Dominicana<br>right: Jetta van den Berg, General Manager Company Savid

Who is involved

Quinta Pasadena CXA (Savid Dominicana) has pioneered exporting organic bananas from the Dominican Republic. Savid’s bananas are produced in 300 ha of its own farmland and also buys bananas from independent growers cultivating 1,200 has in areas nearby.

Bayer offers a high-quality portfolio of biological crop protection products (CPPs) backed by training measures, demo plots and the AgroVida® stewardship program.

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The Dominican Republic Project

Sustainable production of high-quality organic bananas

El proyecto de República Dominicana

Producción sostenible de banano orgánico de alta calidad El proyecto

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