The Brazilian Apple Project

Generation of added value across the production chain

How it all started

Currently, Brazil produces annually 1.3 million tons of apples on approx. 38,000 hectares, generating R$970 million in income and employing more than 150,000 people. Some 7,900 hectares and 20% of national production are cultivated in the Fraiburgo region, in Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil, generating 11,850 direct and 27,650 indirect jobs throughout the production chain. Most of the production is targeted at the Brazilian market where consumption reaches 4.64kg per person and year.

One of the largest apple farmers in Brazil, Agricola Fraiburgo, has been using Bayer CropScience innovations for many years. In 2013, both companies agreed to develop a plan for improving the quality of the apples to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

left: Galhardo Junior Market Development Agronomist of Bayer CropScience Brazil, right: Marciel Marcio Deon General Manager of Agrícola Fraiburgo

Who is involved

Agricola Fraiburgo has its own production of 23,000 tons per year on 485 hectares, as well as marketing the production of 90 other orchards. The company directly employs 960 people. Of its current production 15% is exported to Bangladesh, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Portugal, Sudan, and Sweden, and 85% is for the domestic market. The main destinations here are the states of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, where the apples are sold to consumers under the Fiesta, Festiva, and Festival brand labels.

Bayer CropScience Brazil has always been very close to far mers through its technical staff and distributors, offering innovative solutions for crops. Through Food Chain Partnership and its More Quality program, they provide important tools to help farmers in the constant search for excellence in production and in achieving sustainability in business in order to satisfy their customers and consumers.

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The Brazilian Apple Project

Generation of added value across the production chain

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