The Costa Rican Vegetable Project

High-quality and environment-friendly production

How it all started

In Costa Rica, the consumption of fruit and vegetables has become a fundamental part of the people’s healthy diet. Traditionally, Costa Ricans have purchased fruit and vegetables at small local markets where producers sell their produce directly from the fields. However, the growth in warnings about food poisoning caused by micro-organisms and chemicals has made consumers more discerning, especially with regard to food safety. Supermarkets and food suppliers demand high quality and safety standards, as they are becoming increasingly important
factors in the population’s eating habits. Younger Costa Ricans now have different eating habits. Families are getting smaller
and do not make the big food purchases that used to be so common. They are switching to convenience food that is fresh and ready to eat, and generating a big demand for food that is easy to prepare, available daily and which has a lower health risk. In Costa Rica, Vegetales Fresquita is one of the leading fresh-food producers with a product line in cooked or semicooked food and juices.

The produce that Vegetales Fresquita use for their food products mostly comes from growers in the horticultural and fruit-growing area east of the country’s capital, San Jose, and especially from Cartago Province. This company has made tremendous efforts to guarantee the safety and quality of all their products.

Food Chian Parnership and Vegetales Fresquita

Who is involved

Producers: They have received assistance in crop development from Vegetales Fresquita and Bayer CropScience with the aim of delivering excellent quality and safe products. At the same time, this food chain partnership provided them with technical tools and coaching to achieve this goal. Producers that deliver high standards will be always one step ahead. Manufacturer: Vegetales Fresquita, as the company that processes and markets the fruit and vegetables, can guarantee the quality of the product thanks to the professional assistance provided by Bayer CropScience in offering their suppliers highstandard technical support and research.

Consumers: They can have confidence in the safety of the products they are buying and avoid any risks to their health. They can also trust the production process in the fields and at the plants in view of the fact that both Vegetales Fresquita and Bayer CropScience are very concerned to offer high-quality, healthy food.

Bayer CropScience: Agricultural solutions are provided to producers and consumers through high-quality crop protection products, a technical support service, research, coaching and a clear focus on the production of high-quality and safe food. Bayer CropScience wants to forge stronger alliances with pioneering companies, such as Vegetales Fresquita, who have strong links with groups of national producers. The aim is to bring added value to agricultural produce.

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The Costa Rican Vegetable Project

Working together to provide healthy and safe salads

El proyecto de vegetales de Costa Rica

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