The Indian Basmati Rice Initiative

Improved yields – safer crops – higher income for growers – MRL compliance

What was the market situation?

India is the world’s leading exporter of basmati rice. With 4.4 million metric tons of basmati rice exported in 2018 – 19, India accounted for 85 % of the global basmati trade. Moreover, the basmati rice industry is on the verge of clocking up its highest-ever export numbers in the 2019 financial year. However, exports to the US and EU have become more challenging in recent years due to strict residue compliance requirements – not least because smallholder rice farmers frequently fail to differentiate between basmati rice grown for domestic and export markets. The significance of Indian basmati exports has generated the need for a more robust supply chain characterized by sustainable agricultural practices.

Pankaj K Sharma, Head of Food Chain, Bayer Crop Science; Kevin Sunil Parker, Agribusiness Head, Daawat Foods Ltd.; Ashutosh Kumar Sinha, Head Agribusiness, LT Foods

What was the solution?

Since the Food Chain Partnership project was initiated in 2010, the above-mentioned protection measures have been accompanied by training sessions on pest scouting, spray technology, the safe use of chemicals with the personal protective equipment provided, documentation and waste management, to mention just the major aspects.

In the tenth year of this partnership the farmer training modules were realigned with the customized BayG.A.P. training program, emphasizing integrated pest management (IPM), the safe use of plant protection products, food safety, waste and pollution management, environmental preservation, traceability and documentation – with the overriding aim of strengthening the sustainability aspects of the program and supporting the rice farmers in achieving SRP certification.

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The Indian Basmati Rice Initiative

Improved yields – safer crops – higher income for growers – MRL compliance

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