The Polish Blackcurrant Project

Fruitful cooperation for sustainable production

How it all started

The 4th International Blackcurrant Conference in Białowieża Białoweža, Poland, in 2014 triggered this Food Chain Partnership project. Bayer was the main sponsor of this Conference, and since January 2015 it has also been supporting the National Blackcurrant Growers’ Association of Poland (KSPCP) as well as partnering the International Blackcurrant Association (IBA). As the leading blackcurrant growers’ organization in Poland, KSPCP is the key partner for Bayer and all the largest fruit processors and exporters.

What we aimed to achieve

The three goals of this project are to increase the number of farmers participating in sustainable blackcurrant production, to improve production quality by implementing the latest products and services from Bayer, and to cooperate in enhancing the image of blackcurrants as a pro-health fruit.

From left to right:<br />Dr Mirosław Korzeniowski, Crop Manager Horticulture Bayer CropScience<br />Dr Piotr Baryła, Vice President of KSPCP National Blackcurrant Growers Association of Poland (KSPCP)

Who is involved

54 blackcurrant growers, all KSPCP members and responsible for around 3,500 ha of blackcurrant fields, were involved in the project in 2015. They were motivated by the desire to implement new and sustainable solutions in crop protection. Bayer was able to meet their requirements with a full package of solutions for blackcurrants, including new crop protection products, advanced advisory services, and training and support for the growers. Bayer also introduced the Kometa loyalty program for growers and developed sustainable crop protection solutions, which also utilized data from meteorological stations situated on selected plantations.

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The Polish Blackcurrant Project

Fruitful cooperation for sustainable production

Projekt dla polskiej czarnej porzeczki

Owocna współpraca na rzecz zrównoważonej produkcji

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