Monday, February 3, 2020

Unique combination of form and taste

Delisher is coming to supermarkets! Following its official launch in 2016, the new cherry plum tomato is now available at major grocery stores in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. One of its consumer benefits: less plastic packaging waste!

Delisher is a tomato variety that was launched in 2016 under the De Ruiter brand, after years of nurturing by scientists, breeders and trial growers. “Delisher is a delicious cherry plum tomato that outshines other varieties because of its sweet taste, texture, and appealing looks,” says Nico Van Vliet, Vegetable Seeds Trade Partnership Manager at Bayer in the Netherlands. “What’s more, the tomatoes are strongly attached to their truss – which is a huge benefit that ensures the fruit will stay intact until after harvest.”

No plastic packaging, better taste

Delisher is the world’s first snacking tomato on the vine. And since the tomatoes stay firmly attached to the truss, there is no plastic packaging required. “Consumers can purchase Delisher premium tomatoes in the supermarket as if picking them fresh from the field or greenhouse,” says Van Vliet. “Naturally, this is an attractive environmental benefit that consumers will consider when it comes time to make their tomato selection.”

Tomatoes that are attached to the truss during the entire journey from field to plate bring another benefit: They are more flavorful compared to tomatoes that are plucked off the truss at harvest. In several flavor tests conducted by our partner Redstar, Delisher tomatoes scored higher than the market standard in cherry truss premium.

Delisher convinced both consumers and retailers

The professionals at De Ruiter know that Delisher is a success when consumers consider it a truly tasty tomato, with an appealing look and excellent taste. That is why they asked consumers at Grüne Woche 2019 in Berlin to review Delisher tomatoes. The results of the survey: Delisher is highly appreciated as a cherry plum tomato by consumers, the vast majority of interviewed persons stating that they would like to buy Delisher tomatoes.

Having already convinced consumers with its delicious taste, Delisher now also convinced the retailers. “Starting in early 2020, Delisher tomatoes will be available in major supermarket chains in the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany – and consumers in these countries will be able to enjoy the unique combination of form and taste.”

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