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Enabling farmers to get certified

When food chain experts from around the world gather in Amsterdam to talk about latest trends in good agricultural practices, it is time for the GLOBALG.A.P. Summit. Among the participants was Bayer, which presented its Food Chain Partnership and BayG.A.P. Service Program.
Presenting Food Chain Partnership and BayG.A.P. in Amsterdam: Ronald Guendel, Birte Tschentke, Lena Sczepanik and Arnd Nenstiel
Presenting Food Chain Partnership and BayG.A.P. in Amsterdam: Ronald Guendel, Birte Tschentke, Lena Sczepanik and Arnd Nenstiel

Taking up the motto “The Future of Farm Certification,” more than 400 delegates discussed staying ahead of food safety risks, getting more governments on board, measuring improvements, and utilizing big data. Taking place every two years, the GLOBALG.A.P. Summit aims to foster dialog in the food chain community and discuss future trends in the market. “The GLOBALG.A.P. Summit is a key event for Bayer to participate in,” says Arnd Nenstiel, Global Head of Agricultural Policy and Stakeholder Affairs at Bayer. “It is a great opportunity for us to engage in dialog with key stakeholders and express our commitment to sustainable agriculture, food safety and capacity building of farmers,” he adds.

The two-day conference was opened by Prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau of the Netherlands and included keynotes and panel debates with speakers from the private and public sector as well as break-out sessions and workshops.

Good traction of BayG.A.P. Service Program

One focal meeting point for all participants was the networking area. Bayer presented its Bayer Food Chain Partnership booth, where the BayG.A.P. Service Program caught great attention. “I have been engaged in the BayG.A.P. Program from the very beginning and from my point of view it is very important that an organization like Bayer takes care of smallholders via an innovative program like this,” says Flavio Alzueta, Chief Marketing Officer at GLOBALG.A.P. “Many farmers do not have enough resources to implement certification schemes and get certified to become part of the whole market system,” he explains. With BayG.A.P., farmers can be part of it – that is why the program is something Bayer is very proud of. Not least because there has been pretty good program traction so far, with 18 pilot projects all the way from China via India and Mexico to other parts of Central America.

Developing a common standard

But what about future developments? Arnd Nenstiel has a clear vision: “I hope that in the near future we will develop a common standard for farmers big and small to get certified.” He adds: “In order to achieve this, the public and private sector need to work together and drive certifications to connect farmers to the food value chain.”

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