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Bayer successfully collaborates with environmental NGO

To support farmers in Brazil in increasing their productivity while complying with socio-environmental responsibility goals, Bayer has entered into a partnership with Aliança da Terra, an environmental non-governmental organization (NGO).
Aliança da Terra has a network of experts to support farmers all over Brazil
Aliança da Terra has a network of experts to support farmers all over Brazil

“Growers and producers want to preserve their land,” says Lilian Costa Scheepers, Project Manager at Aliança da Terra. “But most of them don’t know how they can do it.” To reach as many farmers as possible and offer them the best possible support, Aliança da Terra decided to join forces with Bayer. “We were very impressed by the work Aliança da Terra does,” says Cristiane Lourenço, Sustainable Development and Food Chain Relations Manager at Bayer in Brazil. “They have a vast network of experts and they can offer different kinds of services to farmers all over Brazil.”

As a result of this partnership, Brazilian farmers can benefit from the services of Aliança da Terra through Bayer’s loyalty program Rede AgroServices, a network of producers seeking the development of agribusinesses by integrating its partners and supporting rural producers.

Aliança da Terra acts as an implementation partner for Valore, Bayer’s local certification program, which enables farmers to reach international schemes such as Bonsucro, Round Table Responsible Soy (RTRS), or Rainforest Alliance to name just a few. “Achieving certification is very important for growers because it ensures their competiveness in the market,” says Lilian Costa Scheepers. “There is an increasing demand for ethically and responsibly produced products.”

About Aliança da Terra

The NGO was founded in 2004 and has been working with farmers in Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, and Colombia to implement good agricultural practices. Aliança da Terra created the Producing Right Platform, which collaborates with various private sector partners. Currently the platform engages 1,200 rural properties of all sizes and types of production spread across Latin America, totaling five million hectares, two million hectares of which are protected areas.

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Offering farmers individual solutions

To implement good agricultural practices on farms, Aliança da Terra has a set process that has proven successful over the past 13 years since the organization was founded. The technical team of the non-governmental organization visits each farm and performs an individual on-site analysis. “We collect field data considering the productive, social, and environmental aspects of the farm and then we develop a diagnosis from which we derive concrete measures,” explains Lilian Costa Scheepers. Aliança da Terra collaborates with rural properties of all sizes and types of production, giving them individual attention and recommendations on the best agricultural practices along with social responsibility and respect for natural resources.

The collaboration between Bayer and Aliança da Terra has been successfully underway since February 2017 and is already bearing fruits: an additional 60 farming businesses are now working with the NGO. “The feedback from the growers is fantastic,” says Lilian Costa Scheepers. “I hope we can carry on with what we are doing – not only in Brazil but eventually extend our network to other Latin American countries.”

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